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October 2012 -  Technician of the moment: Brian Flood.

This time adt managing editor Paul Gadsby interviews Brian Flood of Associated Laboratories Ltd in Surrey.

May 2012 -  Meeting clients’ needs

Mark Daniels of Associated Laboratories Ltd tells us about what values the company holds dear.

How did I get here? An article by Peter Wagon for the Private Laboratory Magazines explores Peter's' journey from leaving school to becoming a director of Associated Laboratories.

November 2007 -  Those of a certain vintage will remember the Talking Heads song 'Once in a lifetime'. Throughout the song, David Byrne lists possessions and achievements, then asks the question 'How did I get here?' I may not have the beautiful house, the beautiful wife or the beautiful car mentioned in the song, but I do have a medium-sized dental laboratory and the question is still 'How did I get here?' By Peter Wagon

View from the Bench: A collection of articles penned by Peter Wagon (Associated Laboratories Ltd Director) for the Irish Dentist Magazine between July 2007 and May 2008 discusses some of the recent developments in the world of dentristry and how to get the best from your relationship with a dental laboratory.

July 2007
 -  Peter Wagon of Associated Laboratories Ltd outlines some of the areas related to dental posts and cores that cause dental technicians the most headaches.

September 2007
 -  In the first of a series of specialist dentistry articles, dental technician Peter Wagon explores the meaning of smile design, and how dentists can work with technicians to provide their patients with the best possible aesthetic and functional results.

October 2007
 -  Dental technician Peter Wagon explains the myriad of metal-free resorations currently available and explores their use in modern dental practice.

November 2007
 -  Dental technician Peter Wagon emphasises the importance of finding the right dental laboratory for your needs and stresses that communication is the key to success.

January 2008
 -  A clear, concise and correctly filled in docket is the key to a successful working relationship with your Dental Laboratory of choice, writes Peter Wagon.

February 2008
 -  Peter Wagon describes his IT journey, from his need 10 years ago to ascertain the highest peak in the Andes to today’s communication with dentists via the internet and email, complete with patient and technical photographs.

April 2008
 -  Peter Wagon explains how the changes in dental technology over the past 30 years have resulted in a better standard of care for your patients.

May 2008
 -  Famously, on reading his own obituary, Mark Twain quipped, 'Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated'. The dental metal/ceramic crown and bridge restoration industry could say the same, writes Peter Wagon.

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