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Crown and Bridge

Our skilled team of registered technicians create beautiful, functional traditional crown and bridge work using both precious and non precious alloys.

Metal Free Restorations

Associated Labs Ltd pride themselves on an innovative and forward-looking attitude to Crown and Bridge dentistry.
As early adopters of the latest technology we have amassed great experience in all aspects of metal free Crown and Bridge work.



Associated Labs Ltd were one of the first UK labs to acquire a Sirona in-lab CAD-CAM system.

A laser read profile of the prepared tooth is computer milled for a perfectly fitting crown or bridge.

Associated Dental Laboratories continue to invest in technology advances in the field of dentistry and now use the latest Ceramill Scanner with Ceramill and Roland milling machines. These have enabled us to increase the range of dental reconstructions that we offer including:
  • Lava Ultimate
  • Enamic by Vita
  • Porcelain Veneered
  • Zirconia Crowns and Bridges
  • Full Contour Zirconia Crown
  • Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composites
  • PMA Longterm Provisional Crowns and Bridges
  • Radio Graphic Stents
Additional information can be found at these websites: Indications: Crowns and Bridges
Ivoclar's latest advance from the empress range.

This pressed ceramic offers a superior strength coupled with outstanding aesthetics.

Additional information can be found on this website: Indications: Veneers, Inlays, Crowns plus three unit Bridges from premolars forward.


By suspending porcelain in the composite, Gradia has moved light-years away from the dull composites of the past. A near perfect wear coefficient is kind to opposing teeth, whilst the shade is matched to the full Vita Lumin guide.

When used in conjunction with stick-tech reinforcement, Gradia can be used to make metal free Maryland restoration.

Indications: Veneers, Inlays and Maryland Bridges

Zirconia full Contour Crowns

(Gold Crown Alternative)

We are now able to offer full contour Zirconia crowns. These can be prescribed in situations where a gold crown used to be the only option. Due to the high price of precious metals they are offered as a viable alternative solution and are available at the standard price of 55 with no additions. Zirconia has a similar wear co-efficient to gold on the opposing dentition with better aesthetic qualities.

Indications: Crowns

Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composite

Combining the twin virtues of Zirconia strength and the ideal wear coefficient of composite.

Indications: Up to 3 unit bridges, ideal for bruxism implants - see

PMA Longterm Provisionals

Milled from a solid factory produced PMA blank, PMA Longterm Provisionals offer a superior strength and aesthetic qualities for longterm provisional Crowns and Bridges.

see Amann Girrbach


Our technicians have experience of all the major Dental Implant Systems.

We have been working with implant systems at Associated Dental Laboratories for over 15 years. Associated Dental Laboratories are a Straumann Platinum Laboratory and we work with all the major implant companies.

There was a time when implant restoration was a complex treatment plan. With the advent of CADCAM dental technology and the refinement of products and implant designs, our laboratory can offer consistent and precise results and now produce implant restorations as part of our day to day workload, not as a specialised, niche product.

Over the years we have consistently invested in the latest technologies to provide a cost effective solution to your implant needs. The fit of our restorations is accurately created by our CADCAM systems and the resulting labour cost savings are passed directly to you. Our approach to a successful treatment also includes a Smile Design Service, which is free for restorations over 4 units and backed up by a free CPD course at our laboratory or your surgery.

With most implant systems today following a common theme we apply the same procedures to all implant work and if you also require advice on good quality abutments we have many implant companies that can supply you. We offer a restoration to fit your supplied abutment or can supply a restoration plus abutment as a package.

With the growing implant market our objective is to make restorations on implants as easy and cost effective as possible for your surgery.

Straumann Product Range

We are a Straumann accredited Laboratory and can provide the range of products associated with the company. We also encourage any dentist interested in implantology to contact us and arrange a visit to the Straumann work club with one of our representatives as their research and experience in this field is second to none.
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