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Smile Design Service

To insure the perfect result for cosmetic restorations, we offer a full Smile Design Service. This entails:
  • Patient consultation and personal shade taking. As part of the smile design process we take a full suite of 'before' pictures and then discuss, with the patient, the results they are hoping to achieve
  • Study models and diagnostic wax up
  • Soft sprint for chair-side temories
  • Clear splint for preparation guide

Shade Taking

We are happy to undertake a personal shade match and prepare a custom staining plan at the lab.
This service is free.

C.P.D. Accredited Products Talks

We understand that the busy dental surgeon doesn't always have the time to keep up with the advances in Crown + Bridge products and techniques, so we have prepared a fully C.P.D. accredited talk on the latest techniques;
  • 1.1/2 hrs C.P.D.
  • maximum group of 4 surgeons
Click here to email us for more information about C.P.D. Accredited Products Talks
* C.P.D. Continuous Personal Development

Cerec Connect - Digital Impressions

This new innovation in digital dentistry now means you can have immediate connectivity to Associated Laboratories. The Cerec Connect system allows you to take images in the mouth with an intraoral camera, trasmit the images across the internet and have a model and dental appliance returned to you without using any of the conventional impression materials.

Advantages for the Dentist

Digital impressions are highly accurate and are not subject to dimensional changes associated with physical impressions. The image can be viewed by you and one of our technicians immediately and you can even make final adjustments.

You will need a Cerec AC unit and a high speed internet connection to use Cerec Connect.

Express Crown and Bridge Fitting Service

For those patients who can't or won't wait for a Crown + Bridge to be fitted, we offer an express fittting service.
Contact us for details of our express crown and bridge fitting service.

Daily Collection and Delivery Service

We offer a daily collection and delivery service throughout London, Surrey and North Kent. We also offer a free Postal Service throughout the UK, with prepaid postal stickers are available upon request.
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