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MHRA Number: CA 002415

Associated Laboratories Ltd was formed in 2004 as an amalgamation of three separate businesses that came together to improve efficiency and share expertise. Since then we have steadily grown to the position we are today. We specialise in crown and bridge work and all four directors are always available to help and advise on any technical aspect of dentistry that you may have. We feel communication is the key to a good relationship between laboratory and surgery. All private work is produced by the directors and all work is carried out in-house ensuring consistency and reliability. We have been fully inspected by the medical devices department and have received complete clearance, which will give you peace of mind that clinical governance is adhered to at all times.

Meet the Team

Brian Flood (Managing Director)
Qualified: South London College
20 years experience
Areas of expertise: goldwork, cadcam, pressable ceramics, implants, finance, client liaison.
Mark Daniels (Director)
Qualified: Kings College Hospital (Student of the Year)
25 years experience
Areas of expertise: ceramics, implants, cadcam, goldwork, pressable ceramics, precision attachments.
Peter Wagon (Director)
Qualified: Regent Dental Ceramics
30 years experience
Areas of expertise: 25 years of non metallic work, ceramics, cadcam, implants, pressable ceramics.
Lee McManus (Director)
Qualified: South London College
16 years experience
Areas of expertise: ceramics, pressable ceramics, cadcam, composite, goldwork.

Rest of Team:

With our commitment to ongoing training, our talented team of registered technicians are well versed in modern dental techniques, as well as having a firm grounding in traditional crown and bridge work.

They are craftsmen who use traditional techniques and 21st cetuary materials and get results.

All unregistered staff are on a recognised training scheme.
  • Fatima Sheriff    GDC NUMBER 163970
  • Clive Martin    GDC NUMBER 163981
  • Lisa Curran    GDC NUMBER 217459
  • Anderson Coral Rivera    GDC NUMBER 214410
  • Jahcob Raffington    
  • Adrian Penu    
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MHRA Number: CA 002415
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